Sunday, April 11, 2010

Exams! Don't get Distracted!!

O-levels... the dreaded exams are finally so close.
Just 29 days till the May/June session officially starts.
Yea, have to study hard.. not going to get anywhere if i don't prepare for every exam.
Every day seems to just zoom by so fast, its difficult to realize how you're going to get enough time to study each topic of every subject. Then you also have to practice by doing your past-papers.
At times, its simply too much! How is one supposed to manage all that, as well as the need to eat, sleep and drink! Despite that, many of us (this is the case for me atleast), don't put in all the effort we should be. By playing video games, surfing the net endlessly, sitting on facebook, watching TV, making sure to watch every latest movie, etc, we are simply inviting our own doom. These are the types of distractions that we will be regretting once we get straight D's/C's (including B's, since most A-level institutions look primarily at the number of A's you got) in our O-level results. After that, all you would be doing is feeling guilty and hating yourself (which is really bad for your physical and mental health aswell) for not studying like you should have. You wont get admissions in good colleges either, which will seriously affect your education and has the potential to ruin your personality.By the time you finally apply for university, you'll have such a bad academic record, you wont get in anywhere decent, and will eventually end up with a boring, unsatisfying, low-paying job.
Oh and I don't even want to talk about the embarrassment amongst friends and family, aswell as scolding you might get from your parents for not studying properly, even after they provided you with all the things you could possibly need to acquire maximum grades in every subject.

So basically, leave that computer/laptop right now and get back to studying. Oh and forget the TV even exists. These distractions are just not worth it. A break everyone once in a while is fine, but don't overdo it.
Just work really hard and don't forget to pray your Namaz (yes, 5 times a day). Keep making Dua, Inshallah, you will be successful in all your goals.
Wish you best of luck in your exams!

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