Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What to study?? there's not much time...

I would suggest just doing your past papers right now. I hope you have already studied all the topics during your mocks. If so, just focus on past papers. Plan your shedule on a calendar, alloting every day a different subject to practice.
For example, I have planned my studies according to the number of papers I have. Like chemistry has paper 1,2, and 4. In total, I have about 15 papers (14, if you count english as one). Therefore everyday, I will be doing my past papers for a specific paper of some particular subject.
That way, (if I stick to my schedule) I should be done with everything in 14 days. After that, I will still have a good 13 days to study whatever I want, or for that matter, to cope for any 'unexpected' events such as the field trip.
Also, while doing your past-papers, make sure to instantly turn to your text book or journal everytime you feel you dont remember some topic, just to make sure that by the end of the day, you were thourough in revising each and every topic.

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