Friday, April 23, 2010


Wow.... This is the lmit. 12 hours of loadshedding... Some areas are even suffering 20!  You gotta be kidding me..
Literally half of your entire day is without any electricity. How is one supposed to manage studying, or doing any other work for that matter, without what has now, in the modern age, become a basic necesseity of human life? Especially with the extreme heat due to summers these days (and killer blood-sucking mosquitoes), its quite unbearable.         

But if you've memorized the time when those agonizing, light-less hours of your day start and stop, you could optimize your time to the full and make sure your going to get those grades no matter what the world throws at you! For example, if you don't have all the past papers with you at home, you could probably save and print them from the internet when the light is there, so that when it isn't, you could do them easily without losing excess time. Organizing in your mind (or even writing down) what you are going to do each day, keeping in mind the times when you have electricity, you could really pull through with your studies (or anything else you want to accomplish).

As for me, well I am living in Karachi where loadshedding is only for 3 hours (where I live atleast) Alhumdulillah. Thanks to Sindh's thermal power stations which work relatively smoothly all year round. So I can only imagine what others are going through. Areas like Punjab and NWFP (Pukhtoon Khwah???? nah.. too racial in my opinion) depend mostly on Hydro-electric power which tends to fluctuate in different seasons. For those of you who don't know, electricity generated from these power stations depends on the speed and depth of the water in our rivers. So if a river is slow in some season, its going to produce lesser electricity. But despite all this, if you still get those straight A's... wow, I really admire your fortitude.

Just keep organizing and prioritizing you time and you'll be fine. Never forget to pray your namaz and keep making dua from Allah. He will ease all you troubles Inshallah. Do pray for me aswell.

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  1. One would bear this electricity torture but only if we get to know that really something constructive and in reality is going on!

  2. At one phase they are asking us to save electricity and on the other hand they are allowing their own people to capture greenlands and public arenas and stealing electricity from the lines from where we take electricity and when we complain we got to see the face of bars in return. That much government is involved in it!


  4. Mashallah beautifully written young man. If we have more kids like you we will be on top of this world